Sunday, February 6, 2011

The Prissy Princess Cake

This was an extra special order! A friend from so many years ago randomly contacted me and said she was helping with a baby shower in Bowling Green and wanted to order a diaper cake! She was actually the college roomie of one of my best friends growing up (Paula) so we got to meet her that way. I just love Amanda and it was soooo good to see her again!

Amanda emailed me a picture of the bedding and said that the shower was going to be centered around that theme. I was so excited to find this fabric that matched the bedding perfectly! This was such a fun, girly cake to make... right up my alley!!
I matched the diaper cake to this really cute Rapunzel Bedding from JC Penney
Pretty as Princess! All wrapped up and ready to be delivered...

Lilac & Pink Birdie Nursery

I recently got to join in celebrating the upcoming arrival of sweet Amber at a shower for my friend, Tonya. She has picked out very beautiful, unique bedding from Dwell Studio for her baby girl and I was excited about the challenge of finding cute fabrics to match! I ended up making a 2-tier cake of about 42 diapers, 2 custom burp cloths, and a wooden flower cut-out. I can't wait to see it in the finished nursery! They have painted the walls to match the pretty lilac/lavendar color in the bedding and I know everything is just going to look so beautiful together.

LOVE, LOVE this bedding!

Baby Amber Laine, we're all soooooo excited to meet you in just a few weeks! We thank God for you!

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Everywhere a Quack, Quack

This diaper cake was ordered for a baby girl shower with the theme of "Everywhere a Quack, Quack." Besides being asked to use farm animals & touches of pink, the customer left everything else up to me. I was free to allow my imagination to run wild! The nursery will be decorated in an Old MacDonald theme, but since ducks are the main theme of the shower, I thought I would concentrate on ducks instead of lots of different farm animals. And, since ducks are yellow (duh!), I decided to use pinks, yellows, and other sweet, soft colors.

I was excited about this cake since I've never done anything like it, and because I've been doing cakes for so many sweet baby boys lately! Since a baby girl will be joining our family soon, I've been thinking "pink" lately and lots of baby girl shopping has begun! So, this diaper cake was especially fun for me to do right now. :)

Thanks, Amy, for your order!!



50 size 2 diapers

3 custom burp cloths

1 wooden cutout

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Baby Kimbel Cake

Baby shower gift & beautiful table centerpiece wrapped into one!



50 size 2 diapers

3 custom burp cloths

1 foam initial

More Big Bro & Big Sis shirts!

There comes a time when that "baby" in your life is gonna have to share some of the spotlight with a new little one in the house! This is something we're going through in our home right now as we're getting ready for new baby. Mason is proudly sporting his Big Bro shirt and can't wait to meet his baby sister in February! His little girlfriend, Gracie, is ready to meet her baby brother in just a few weeks. She looks so cute in her Big Sis shirt! New babies galore!

A big bro or sis shirt is perfect for your little one to sport at the hospital when meeting baby brother or sister for the very first time, as well as throughout his or her mommy's pregnancy, and even after the baby is born! There are so many fun fabrics to choose from, as well as other designs to add to the wording. Let me know if you want me to start a t-shirt for you TODAY!

Big Bro or Big Sis t-shirt
$25 - $32

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

A Special Diaper Cake for a Very Special Boy!

We have been praying for Hudson Grant for years and we are FINALLY about to meet him in just a few weeks! His mommy and daddy are some of our best friends and we are having the most fun celebrating! I made this diaper cake to match Hudson's nursery and the decor for the baby shower some friends and I threw for them on August 7th. Anything baby boy makes me happy because they're just the sweetest! Love the brown, green, and blue polka dots & monkey theme that was chosen for the nursery and Brooke says the diaper cake just matches perfectly.

Check out pictures of the nursery bedding, and shower invitation and decor, to see how a diaper cake can add that perfect touch! The invite and bedding shown are samples only and not the actual shower info or the nursery.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Sweet Baby Presley's Sip 'n See

Some of my best friends and I hosted a baby shower this past Saturday for Carrie and her beautiful baby girl, Presley. Since Presley is already almost 4 months old, we had her a Sip 'n See where friends could come and "oooh & aaaah" over sweet baby girl! :) We had the most fun matching all of the shower decor to Presley's nursery that Carrie just started working on since they've moved into a new home. Carrie has already added all of the shower decor to the nursery! See the pics below until I have pics of the "completed project!"

I think I had the most fun part of all, though, by getting to put together a diaper cake to match everything! I LOVE these bright, cheery colors and can't wait to see the nursery with all of Presley's new sweet "treats" added to it!

Let me create the perfect diaper cake for you or a friend to match a baby shower or a sweet nursery! This is my favorite thing to do!