Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Sweet Baby Presley's Sip 'n See

Some of my best friends and I hosted a baby shower this past Saturday for Carrie and her beautiful baby girl, Presley. Since Presley is already almost 4 months old, we had her a Sip 'n See where friends could come and "oooh & aaaah" over sweet baby girl! :) We had the most fun matching all of the shower decor to Presley's nursery that Carrie just started working on since they've moved into a new home. Carrie has already added all of the shower decor to the nursery! See the pics below until I have pics of the "completed project!"

I think I had the most fun part of all, though, by getting to put together a diaper cake to match everything! I LOVE these bright, cheery colors and can't wait to see the nursery with all of Presley's new sweet "treats" added to it!

Let me create the perfect diaper cake for you or a friend to match a baby shower or a sweet nursery! This is my favorite thing to do!


TheCakeTop said...

Awesome diaper cake! You really have talent for the design. When ready, you should consider entering one of your diaper cake designs in the contest at http://www.baby-shower-cake-ideas.com

Whether you win or not, your business will get lots of exposure.

Blessed said...

You know this one is my favorite!!! ;)

Blessed said...

Did you get my updated pictures for your blog? I will send you the diaper cake pictures soon! Love you!

ediapercake said...

Your diaper cake is just too cute!