Sunday, September 12, 2010

More Big Bro & Big Sis shirts!

There comes a time when that "baby" in your life is gonna have to share some of the spotlight with a new little one in the house! This is something we're going through in our home right now as we're getting ready for new baby. Mason is proudly sporting his Big Bro shirt and can't wait to meet his baby sister in February! His little girlfriend, Gracie, is ready to meet her baby brother in just a few weeks. She looks so cute in her Big Sis shirt! New babies galore!

A big bro or sis shirt is perfect for your little one to sport at the hospital when meeting baby brother or sister for the very first time, as well as throughout his or her mommy's pregnancy, and even after the baby is born! There are so many fun fabrics to choose from, as well as other designs to add to the wording. Let me know if you want me to start a t-shirt for you TODAY!

Big Bro or Big Sis t-shirt
$25 - $32

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