Sunday, October 31, 2010

Everywhere a Quack, Quack

This diaper cake was ordered for a baby girl shower with the theme of "Everywhere a Quack, Quack." Besides being asked to use farm animals & touches of pink, the customer left everything else up to me. I was free to allow my imagination to run wild! The nursery will be decorated in an Old MacDonald theme, but since ducks are the main theme of the shower, I thought I would concentrate on ducks instead of lots of different farm animals. And, since ducks are yellow (duh!), I decided to use pinks, yellows, and other sweet, soft colors.

I was excited about this cake since I've never done anything like it, and because I've been doing cakes for so many sweet baby boys lately! Since a baby girl will be joining our family soon, I've been thinking "pink" lately and lots of baby girl shopping has begun! So, this diaper cake was especially fun for me to do right now. :)

Thanks, Amy, for your order!!



50 size 2 diapers

3 custom burp cloths

1 wooden cutout

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Blessed said...

This one is so cute!!!! I know the mama to be just loved it. Your diaper cakes are so cute and unique!