Monday, January 25, 2010

Evie Violet

This cake was made for a baby shower gift for sweet baby Evie. Evie's mommy is decorating the nursery in hot pink & zebra, which I was very excited about because I've been dying to make a diaper cake using that theme! I added a special little flower to this one since Evie's middle name is Violet. :) This cake includes 50 size 2 diapers, 2 custom burp cloths, a wooden flower cutout, an initial, ribbon, & shredded paper.

All wrapped up and ready to go! Thanks so much, Jennifer, for your order!

Monday, January 18, 2010

The Chunky Elephant; another 2-Tiered Creation!

This diaper cake is so far the brightest & happiest! This cake includes 50 size 2 diapers, 2 custom burp cloths, one wooden elephant cutout, ribbon, & shredded paper.

Check out these other coordinating fabrics I have! Add one or both of these to create a 3- or 4-tiered diaper cake. Email me for pricing.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Polka Dot Ladybug

A diaper cake is a great gift for a group of shower hostesses or friends to go in together and purchase for the mommy-to-be! However, if you're shopping on your own and/or are on a smaller budget, the 2-tier diaper cake is the way to go! I finished this one minutes ago and I couldn't wait any longer to share it with y'all'! This cake includes 50 size 2 diapers, 2 custom burp cloths, 2 wooden ladybug cutouts, ribbon, & shredded paper.

Polkadots & zebra print are my FAVORITE! You could definitely tell that if you've seen my house! And who doesn't love the classic black & white? Sweet little ladybugs add the perfect touch to this cake!
A super cute cake for a BOY or a GIRL!!

You may purchase an extra set of 2 custom burp cloths for $15!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Cowboy Colt

Okay, so how cute is this fabric!?!!?

The first time I laid eyes on it, I just knew I had to have it for a diaper cake!! I was sooo excited to tackle this one! Cowboy-themed nurseries are so popular these days and there are so many cute accessories out there for decorating! You or your friend will be one super stylish, hot momma with these burp cloths thrown over their shoulder! ha! :) This cake includes 67 size 2 diapers, 3 custom burp cloths, 2 wooden cutouts, ribbon, & shredded paper. What cute little cowboy wouldn't love staring at his diaper cake until it's time to take it apart and unroll those diapers??


This cake is a shout-out to my good friend, Carrie, who was my inspiration in starting this business! It's named after her sweet "baby", Colt! Well, he's no longer a baby really. I sure wish I would have had this idea 3 years ago for his baby shower! His cowboy nursery is just precious and the "Cowboy Colt" cake would have been perfect in it! I wanted to share these pics with you to show you an idea of how you can custom order a diaper cake to match any nursery! I absolutely LOVE decorating & coordinating fabrics!

A set of 3 custom burp cloths can be purchased for $20. (Of course if you purchase a diaper cake, they're included in the cake!

**NOTE: The burp cloth w/ the cowboy fabric in the pics above was sewn to where the cowboys would be right side up when the burp cloth is draped over a mother's shoulder. However, if you would rather have the print to where the cowboys are right side up when the burp cloth is displayed on the diaper cake, I could sew the fabric horizontally. See below! Just let me know how you would like it.

Pink & Brown Monkey

Since I am a huge girly girl, you can only imagine the fun I had making this cake! :) This one would look super cute sitting on the dresser in a pink & brown nursery until it's time to put the diapers to use! I love the polka dots, damask, & giraffe print! I just love little monkeys since I have one living with me, so I thought this cute little wooden monkey would add the perfect touch. This cake includes 67 size 2 diapers, 3 custom burp cloths, 1 wooden animal cutout, ribbon, and shredded paper.

What can be better than taking a "cake" apart to find loads of diapers and these super cute burp cloths?!?!

You can purchase a set of 3 custom burp cloths alone for $20!